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the Tree appearing at Phyllis' Musical Inn, Oct. 22nd, showtime 10:00 p.m.

First with tribe, and now with the Tree, we've been playing Phyllis' since 1986!
Please join us for 2 big sets, no cover (though we will "pass the hat"). Phyllis'
Musical Inn is a CASH ONLY bar, and one of the more authentic live music venues
in Chicago.

Phyllis' is located at: 1800 W. Division St., Chicago, on the corner of Division & Wood, between Ashland & Damen, just West of the Kennedy expressway.

Below, owner Clem Jascot w/drop-in guest, Mr. Spicoli.

Some featured tunes from the upcoming Phyllis' set, where we'll unearth som
politically oriented gems, as it "tis the season":

"Fit For the Fight"

"Mauve & Teal"

"Odium From the Podium"


Single Releases from new Tree recording:

The first songs from "Low Hanging Fruit" are now available! (click titles for to hear Mp3 or right click to download. Note: unauthorized commercial distribution is prohibited)

"In 40 Days, Speak Emmanuel" -

This chug-a-lug Reggae groove, features narration from Tree bassist Samuel Salathiel "Cha-Cha" Bradshaw, who taps the Book of Matthew & the Sermon on the Mount for some radical ethics lessons.

'Radical protest music from an unlikely source.

"Howlin' at the Moon" -

It ain't easy to write a really good rock & roll song these days, but here's one for sure, ready to blast in your car. It's Chuck Berry-style poetry, the band swingin' away:

"the Wiz-Bang Swami, hair on fire
He's manning the barricades, burning tires"

The Protest Music of Andrew Robb:

There's lots of attention these days on protest music, the legacy of Woody, saying something... So with this in mind we're posting some of Andrew's protest music.

Going back to tribe in the late 80's (who covered Woody extensively), to the Tree's forthcoming album, Robb has written & sung out against injustice & oppression for decades now.

For starters, check out 2 versions of Andrew's classic, "I Seen Tom Joad", written in '87, about the apparition of Steinbeck's hero in Reagan's America. The song was a staple of tribe's live shows, and a thematic pre-cursor to Springsteen's "the Ghost of Tom Joad", released in '95.

"I Seen Tom Joad" (tribe)- Mp3 download

...this live version is
from tribe's last concert, recorded at the Idful Studios in Wicker Park-Chicago, by Brian Deck. There were people from the Old Town School of Folk Music waltzing in the session room as we played it. Features Jimmy Tomasello on lead guitar, originally appearing on the "as-if" collection.

"I Seen Tom Joad" (Andrew solo)- Mp3 download

...from 2007's largely unreleased "the Long Haul", this is a straightforward acoustic version.

More from Andrew's Critical-Consciousness archive

Upcoming Tree Shows & Projects:

The band is finishing up the long overdue "Low Hanging Fruit" project, and the subsequent world-wide release of this and the larger andrew & Tree catalogue, online.

the Tree is playing the legendary Phyllis' Musical Inn on 10/22/16.
Many luminaries will be there, to be sure!!!

the Tree's last release, "Tip of the Iceberg" is critically acclaimed by......
nearly everyone who listens to it!

You can hear it or get it at these sources:

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Hear "Tip of the Iceberg"


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