Andrew Robb's 3rd Solo Release: "the Long Haul"-

Slated for release in May '09, "The Long Haul" features 15 acoustic/folk-songs written by AJ Robb over a 20 year period- 1985 through 2005.

The CD contains 8 new tracks along with 4 re-recorded numbers, and 3 original tracks. Song titles:

  1. Passing the Time
  2. 'Profit Motive's Low
  3. Happy Strum
  4. You Can Say Anything
  5. Here's Your Echo
  6. the Lemming Song
  7. A Million Light Years
  8. Breathe Deep
  9. I've Seen Tom Joad
  10. It's All Good
  11. Camera Unobscura
  12. Orchids on the Nightstand
  13. A Prior Conviction
  14. Lyin' in Wait
  15. The Long Haul

tree drummer Mark "Sparky" Fornek lays down some awesome back-beat rhythm on Blues-Harp master Bill Lupkin's latest release: "Where I Come From". Bill & Mark have played with many blues legends, and this CD pays homage to both the style & substance of those greats. Lupkin penned all the tunes on "Where I come From", which makes it all the more impressive.

More on the CD & Bill Lupkin>>>


Cover of Andrew Robb's upcoming  solo release: "The Long Haul"

Free Mp3 download from "The Long Haul":

(download Mp3 of) "the Happy Strum"

Dig Blues? Blues Harp?  Then check out Bill Lupkin




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