Latest Release from the tree: "Tip of the Iceberg"

This 11-song tour de force is the first tree release with the new formation of: Andrew Robb, Mark Fornek & Sam Bradshaw. The band had been woodshedding for nearly 3 years, working on "Tip of the Iceberg", and now the follow up. Recorded in August of '06 at the Flim-Flam Etc. world headquarters outside of Chicago, "Tip.." taps into the tree's roots, with 11 tunes that span a wide variety of sonic textures, rhythm's and influences.

The basic tracks were layed down "live", over a two-day period, giving a very good glimpse into the dynamic tree sound, with the vocals added later...

The songs in "Tip" were written by AJ Robb, and arranged by the Tree.
The album is the 10th w/music & lyrics penned by Robb, starting with the sonically prescient tribe's "Drift" & "Primordial Bop" ('85 & '87).

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C&P, 2007: the TRee.

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Song Titles:

1). A Slippering Glimpster Feeling
2). Shabu's Coming
3). Fate Train
4). What You Know
5). Sold Down the River
6). We Bring Fruit
7). Threshold of the Lair
8). Comme Ce, Comme Ca
9). Igor's Garage
10). 'Blew a Bourgeoisie Fuse
11). Simmering Cauldron

Free Mp3 Downloads:

Here are some select cuts from "Tip.." Click to download Mp3 files

A Slippering Glimpster Feeling

Shabu's Coming

Igor's Garage

We Bring Fruit

Sold Down the River

Simmering Cauldron



the tree following jam session in Chi-town
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