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2007- the tree: "Tip of the Iceberg"-
the tree's first release w/members Andrew Robb, Mark Fornek, Sam Bradshaw. Music & Lyrics written by Robb, arranged & produced by the tree. Recorded after 2 years of "woodshedding", the tight, yet explosive arrangements on "Tip.." reveal the influences and originality of the tree. Available now at CD Baby.
Featured this month, Mp3 download: "Sold Down the River"
Also, Mp3 download: "We Bring Fruit" & "Igor's Garage"

2007- Andrew Robb: "The Long Haul"-
AJ Robb's 3rd solo release (12/07), spanning 20 years of songwriting & recording. 15 songs in all, with 8 new compositions and 3 original tracks. "The Long Haul" reveals Robb's long-time interest in American Folk music

2000- Andrew Robb: "Burning Bush"-
Recorded between 1998 & 2000, a true "solo" recording w/AJ Robb playing all the instruments on all 10 tracks.

1997- andrew & the TRee: "State of the Union"-
The second recording featuring the lineup of JJ Tindall, Matt Tyndall, & AJ Robb. Produced by Robb and Jeff Kowalkowski. "State.." features 17 songs in all
, and shows the band in its fully developed phase. 8 of the tunes were recorded "solo" by Robb.

1995- andrew & the TRee: "Saints Preserve Us"-
The first release w/JJ Tindall, Matt Tyndall, & AJ Robb. Recorded mostly live, by Brian Deck, "Saints.." has a Lo-Fi feel, displaying the propulsive, skeletal sound the band developed playing live over the previous 2 years. It's Guitar/Bass/Drums with layered vocal harmonies by Robb & Tindall.

1992- andrew & the TRee: "Vita Activa"-
Features the lineup of AJ Robb, Eric Markowitz, Dan Halvorson, Jeff Kowalkowski. This was the band that played extended engagements at "Club Lower Links" in Chicago. "Vita.." is a highly original sounding recording, done in Robb's Bucktown-Chicago basement studio, w/Mandola driven songs, Cello used like an upright bass, quirky percussive arrangements, etc. Most of the material was written by Robb, but some of the best music here was written "out of whole cloth" by the band

1990- Andrew Robb: "as-if"-
The post-tribe Lo-Fi sound diary from Andrew Robb. Recorded in an attic by Robb, featuring music written & performed by Robb, improvisational ambient recordings with roomate Dave Hawkins, and a couple of tribe compositions to boot. A singularly unique album, met with immediate critical acclaim. Produced by AJ Robb & Brian Deck.
Featured this month, the opening track, Mp3 download: Ardst Thou Pale?

1989- tribe: "The Lost Tribe"-
A collection of songs tribe was working on when the band disbanded in 1989, put together by tribe keyboardist/contributor Jim Rasfeld. The material here would have been tribe's 3rd release. These songs were all staples of tribe's live shows.
Featured this month, the Mp3 download: Fill in the Lack

1987- tribe: "Primordial Bop"-
Recorded at Acme Studios in Chicago by Mike Rasfeld. tribe won free time at Acme after winning WNUR's "William Award" for the song "Death Valley Days". "Primordial Bop" features that tune, the classic instrumental "Drift", and a number of tunes Rasfeld recorded live to 2-track, insistent that he "capture our sound". The tribal, poetic "Geometric Shapes" was wholly improvisational.

1985- tribe: "Drift"-
tribe in its early days, with no drummer. Instead tribe's Randy Johnson programmed strange beats on a drum machine, and played bongos, tambourines, etc. over the top. "Drift" features outakes from an improvisational music-score to a screenplay of Kafka's "Metamorphosis", along with the original song-writing collaborations of Robb & Christensen. More on tribe>>>

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